samedi 26 juillet 2014

Grey Roses

 OMG I can't even tell you how much I love this print dress. Look at the print, classic roses but yet edgy and totes crazy that makes it so out-of-this-world. It's so 90's with a light frabric, lace detail on the front and double straps - I can only love it ! I got it at La Halle from the M by Mosquito's new collection and Lord, I just wanted everything. I also wear a really dope cardigan from K by Kookai, again, it looks traditionnal but if you look closer you'll see the cool shreds and mad dyes.

Oh, and the boots, man, I'm just crazy about them. They're made of beige suede and have laces going all around the ankle along with funky perforations on the sides. Just the perfect boots for a schizophrenic summer. I love how they look with the dress and I can't wait to wear them with light blue jeans. They come from C by Creeks and they have them in lots of colors (white, blue, different shades of brown-beige). The jewelry also come from La Halle, they have such a large offer, you'll always find something cool to accessorize your outfit with. I chose a large rose gold bangle, kind of precious holographic earrings along with a very long silver/pale pink necklace that you can double/triple as you wish ! I love it when you find pieces of jewelry in different metal colors and they blend together like this.

The bag is from A by André and let me tell you, those bags are the shit. Seriously, they are so well made with calfskin leather and they exist in different sizes. This size is great to keep your essentials when you're out and about doing errands or just enjoying the day as it comes :) I really like the multiple pockets and practicality of it. Hope you like this outfit :) All items are available at La Halle

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

Instagram #36


It's been a few months since our last Instagram post so here's another one :)
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♥ Zentangle and coffee break
♥ Composition book and cute cat pins
♥ Kitty cat obsessed
♥ RosheRun afternoon
♥ Infinity bracelet
♥ Dinner at Ma-Jong
♥  Mid-ring and white nails
♥ Sticky bookmarks, love them !
♥ Persun sunglasses
♥ Grapefruit lemonade
♥ Motto for the rest of the summer :)
♥ Pink girl night

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

Moodboard - Holidays

Hi everyone ! If you're on holiday, enjoy ! If not, follow us into our inspiration moodboards
with two dope destinations. Keep it cool and sport in Biarritz and bring out
the fluoro colors on a warm beach in Thailand ;)