dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Stuff we love ♥

Ellie Goulding kills it !
Nice lace details on a dress by Phase Eight (available at Manor)
 OMG - just the most perfect sneakers in the game !
 I like to collect things.
Sport bras from H&M are amazing and beautiful :)

samedi 18 octobre 2014

Stradivariusisters @ Edelweiss Style Lab 2014 - Outfit 2

Hi everyone ! Here we are with another look shot at the Edelweiss Style-Lab (and our Showroom Edelweiss review is coming soon) ! We had lots of fun as we said in our previous post, and chose to wear some cool, edgy pieces for our second look.

Autumn is wearing two mystical-enchanted-forest-piece-of-art scarves with so much detailing it's pretty insane. They are made by Julie Blaive from the HEAD and they're just one of a kind. On her wrist is a beautiful leather bracelet by Royal Blush, we really loved this chic collection. Summy is wearing a cool sweater by Laboratoire, bracelet and ring by Baies d'Erelle, and some earrings by Nathalie Briner from the HEAD. In the accessories department, Summy chose a cute little round bag by Julie Eglie. It made us thought of old camera bags with its timeless look.

We hope you were as blown away as we were by all those swiss designers, trying to emerge from the crowded fashion scene. We bet there's a space for everyone, everyone with ideas and quality in mind and we just can't wait to discover more.

mardi 14 octobre 2014

Hey it's ok...

... to have a favorite mug that you have to have your tea in
... to think that pavements should have fast and slow lanes
... to panic when someone goes on your phone (even if there's absolutely nothing incriminating on it)
... to factor an hour of duty-free shopping into every pre-flight arrival time
... to be outraged if your partner goes a few episodes ahead on the box-set you were watching together
... to turn down plans so you can be tucked up in bed at 10pm
... to stop apologising for things that aren't your fault, they bumped into you
... if you still manage to trip over in flats
... if that quick drink turns into a 2am confessional with your bestie
... if you've never, ever voted on a reality TV show and don't plan to
... if you're still saving that super-expensive scented candle for best, you'll light it one day... maybe